5 min crash course in sales

A fundamental lesson in sales that is applicable anywhere. This doesn't need to be memorized or recollected. Read it once, understand it and then forget it, you will never have to come back to it.

The internet is filled with resources that claim to teach you how to become better at sales. 90% of those resources are useless "sell-me-this-pen" kind of bullshit. The remaining 10% are well-thought-out and intelligent but they miss the mark of what sales essentially is at its core.

Sales is about people. Notice I didn't use the word customers. I desperately try not to. The moment you label them as customers (or clients), you draw a line between you and them - as if they were lab rats.

People need help. You have to be an expert at something and your agenda is to help people with the thing you are an expert at, a product, a service, your knowledge - anything.

How do you learn to do that as naturally and humanly as possible? By getting better in the following areas.

  1. Human behavior
  2. Conversations

There are plenty of books that can help you with these.

Here are some do's and don'ts.

Do these:

Don't do these:

That's it. You now know most of what the best sales people on this planet know. Hope you make good use of it.