When it comes to achieving hard goals, obsession trumps everything.

Just like replication is an essential characteristic of a virus and sexual reproduction is a primal desire of man, some people have an indispensable determination to do things.

I despise success gurus and so should you. They are filling the heads of young, impressionable people with garbage. Especially the charlatans on twitter and youtube who are always hawking their good-for-nothing courses.

They want us to believe that success can be achieved by following a roadmap, which is bullshit and they know it all too well. If the founders of Airbnb had to start from zero today and all they did was follow their own steps, they would fail.

In the realm of hard problems how-tos are useless. Even traits like smartness and intelligence are futile beyond a certain threshold. Life is a complex problem, nothing guarantees success. But being obsessed with your dream, can - maybe - increase your odds. Why?

It’s 2002. Imagine you are Elon and you just started SpaceX.

You don’t even know that you are diving headfirst into a chaotic mess of obstacles that don’t have a single definitive solution and that the journey will span decades. Factors beyond your control will affect you and every juncture will feel like it was specifically designed to kill your dream as you try to adapt and survive.

Which among the following do you think is more likely to have helped you make thus far?