Caught between sympathy and suspicion

Last night, sleep deprived and after a long hard day of work, me and my roommate sat down to share a pizza in front of the TV watching a news report on the global crackdown on crypto currency.

The conversation between us sort of went like this..

Me: They’re going to regulate crypto, this can’t be good.

Roommate: Dude, these cybercriminals are going nuts with their ransomware attacks.

Me: I know, but regulation beats the whole point of crypto.

Roommate: Would you rather have these ransomware attacks then? What about all the data breaches?

Me: No, no. That’s bad indeed. But still..

Roommate: What? What’s your point?

Me: I’m just imagining.. that if I was like a part of the 100 most important men.. who were incharge of deciding what goes on. And I wanted to regulate crypto. You know..

Roommate: Ok.. what?

Me: You know.. just imagine. I want to regulate crypto, but I don’t have a good reason.

Roommate: No way.. Are you saying.. ?

Me: Look I’m not saying that. But just think about it. If I do it without a good reason. I’d have to face public backlash. So obviously I first need to manufacture a damn good reason. Then I make a move, so now it looks like I’m the good guy.

Roommate: Dude stop corrupting my mind with stupid conspiracies. That logic must not be applied because it is a never-ending clusterfuck of cause and effect chains.

Me: Everything has become this way. You can’t really detect things like bias, propaganda or vested interests anymore.

Roommate: So you don’t have a baseline for judgement?

Me: I’m not sure. Perhaps, I am becoming insensitive to the world around me in a fuck-you-I-don’t-care sort of way.

Roommate: That is deeply concerning.

Me: I fear it will happen to all of us at some point. We’re all going to go mad trying to decide what to believe and what not to believe.

Roommate: Dude, go sleep. You are tired and way out of your mind. GN.

Me: Yea. I think that’s right. GN man.